Otpadomjer Globo is a volumetric limiter that can be easily installed at any moment on different types of containers on the market: underground containers, half-buried container, dumpsters, closed skips and so on.

Its dimensions are compatible with the standards of vehicles used for collection service and was designed to guarantee: an easy emptying and a long time robustness and performance. As it is assembled without joints or sight pivots it can guarantee the maximum security, hygiene and safety from any act of vandalism.

Globo’s shape and counter-rotating shells unlike other volumetric limiters no longer has the problem of "how to insert a spherical bag into a cylindrical device". The 20 lt capacity and the spherical shape, allow the immediate optimized housing of the bags, without further arrangement of the same.

The particular design and smoothness of the opening movement make the transfer and maintenance simple, with maximum safety and hygiene.


Pag Otpadomjer Pag Otpadomjer Pag Otpadomjer Pag Otpadomjer
Na području grada Paga ugrađeno je 14 podzemnih kontejnera koji na sebi imaju ugrađene otpadomjere od 17 litara. Sustav je započeo sa radom sa 01.03.2017. Rezultat ugradnje je:
  • Da kućanstva imaju nižu cijenu računa sada nego prije ugradnje otpadomjera.
  • Da građani koji ne borave cijelu godinu na Pagu plaćaju smeće samo kada ga stvarno i bacaju (osim nužnog paušala)
  • Da je postotak odvajanja otpada značajno porastao u kratkom periodu.
  • Da je sustav naplate pravedniji i transparentniji jer svaki građanin ali i komunalno društvo na internetu mogu provjeriti kada i koliko je smeća tko bacio. Te koju vrstu.
  • Samim time gradani koji recikliraju imaji i popust na osnovnu cijenu iz ugovora.
U konačnici gradski deponij se puponjava puno sporije a komunalno društvo može prodavati smeće kao sekundarnu sirovinu.
Otpadomjer Globo is equipped with a microprocessor that has all the performance features of the most advanced KGN electronic systems for the detection of waste disposal data.
All the functions needed to manage collection data are centered on a real computer, powered by micro photovoltaic panels applied directly to the motherboard watertight box of shockproof plastic material. Thanks to the innovative electronics long autonomy and great stability of operation can be guaranteed.
The opening and closing of Globo are simple and are carried out by leveraging the front lever in the patented Kupolina FL model.

As for the other applications for the buried and half-buried containers or recycling drop-off centers, only the user that has an enabled hardware key can access and be guided during the waste disposal through the multilingual messages on Globo’s display.

The data for each disposal are recorded in an internal memory and are periodically transmitted via GSM / GPRS to the webserver codexrsu.it for processing operational, statistical or billing purposes.

A record is generated for each disposal and contains:
1. data,
2. hour,
3. transponder code,
4. battery voltage,
5. operating parameters.

The ability to customize the functional codes is innumerable, depending on the service requirements.

The update of the white / black list (enabled user lists), the internal features of the device firmware, if any, is done directly from the remote server.

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