Sale and installation of other equipment

In cooperation with our partner company Metso Minerals, we are able to fully furnish a complete new quarry, separation, gravel pit or silos, as in the common range of products we can offer everything; from the preliminary design, capacity budget and static, to the construction work, electricity, new breaker machines , seeders, mills, conveyors, elevators, infeed hoppers, metal constructions, parts for conveyors, etc.

Roller carriers are metal structures that carry the primary or rebound rollers and thus define the shape of conveyor belts. There are several kinds of roller carriers :
Base roller carrier- two layers

Base roller carrier- three layers
Rebound roller carrier
Rebound rollers carrier- two layers

Ankled roller carrier

Roller carriers for pipe conveyors- pipe line


Dodatna oprema za transportere Dodatna oprema za transportere Dodatna oprema za transportere
Metal conveyor covers are the perfect solution to protect the material from rain and wind and to protect the environment from noise and dust. By joining the European Union environmental standards will be more severe and the only question is when will the law require that each conveyor must have a certain cover.

Metal covers are made of galvanized steel thickness of 0,75mm; they are self-standing, safe and very easy to assembly and disassembly. They do not require any maintenance and can be mounted on any conveyor with belt width from 400 to 1800mm.
The biggest advantage is that they can be open on both sides, and for complete removal require only one person.
Stripe width [mm] Cover radius [mm] Cover width [mm] Cover weight [kg]
400 350 1064 11,7
500 400 1064 12,9
650 475 1064 14,7
800 575 1064 17,0
1000 675 1064 19,5
1200 800 1064 22,5
1400 900 1064 24,9
1600 1025 1064 27,8
1800 1125 1064 30,2
Besides metal covers, there is a possibility of covering the conveyors with PVC and rubber covers. Also, it is possible to manufacture one cover for conveyor and path together.

Using cleaners has become a necessity if you want to extend the work life of conveyors and conveyor parts. Using cleaner significantly reduces damage to the rebound rollers, belts and waste of transported material. It is particularly effective with wet and sticky materials. Therefore, it brings long-term savings in maintenance and cleaning of conveyors.

Besides already mentioned parts, we also offer:
  • Metal and PVC crates for conveyors
  • Impact beam
  • Steel, PU and rubber sieve
  • Rubber longitudinal cleaners, etc.
  • System to prevent dust in sieves and breakers
  • Perforated sheet metal and wire fences
  • Coating for infeed hoppers